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Older Sandisk Cruzer Micro flash drives such as SDCZ6-512 and SDCZ6-1024 often came with a 20-99-00099-2 controller that encrypts data on NAND chip. Later versions of controllers made by Sandisk also seem to have encryption, but the keys were likely kept on the NAND. With keys being present on the NAND, the issue could have been resolved simply by removing the NAND chip and moving it onto the donor flash drive that is identical. However, our flash drive today seems to keep the encryption key inside of the controller. Simply moving the NAND over to the functional and identical donor does not give us access to customer’s data. During our RND process on these flash drives, we came across these awesome TSOP-48 sockets for NAND chips that are surface mount, and use the same footprint as the traditional TSOP-48 NAND, which makes NAND transplant a breeze now. The only downside here is that the controller chip also has to be moved, but it only takes a few minutes if you have proper tools to do that. We will go over the TSOP-48 sockets that we used for Sandisk data recovery in future episodes.

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