today we’re recovering data from the Netgear readiness network attached storage device which doesn’t power up to do this we need to connect the drives to any desktop PC which has enough ports this is our desktop PC with all the basic parts modern board power supply and so on also we need an operator who will be tuned the recovery all right get the drives out of the nest it is a good idea to label the drives when you first assemble the device if you haven’t done so label the drives now according to their port numbers now make sure their PC is shut down before connecting the drugs and the light on the motherboard is out now connect the hard drives two cables to each drive one cable is for data and another for power knives are connected power up the PC you stop our data recovery software reclaiming one started its service all the drives for data partitions which may take a while sometimes up to a couple of minutes once the search is complete look for M D rate partition near the bottom of the list there will be two of these and you should pick the largest one double-click it to start the recovery wait until the folder tree is reconstructed typically you don’t have to wait till the end of the scan however wait until at least one percent of the ready scanned in meanwhile you can examine the folders and files as they are found by reclaiming reclaim it can preview text files and images once you are satisfied with the folder tree you save button on the toolbar to copy the data to t

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