Quite often, we lose out precious data and are at the mercy of the data recovery companies to get our lost data back as they charge quite exorbitantly.
Taking this into consideration, I have created this video which explains the process of easy recovery of critical data.”Test disk” is an open source (free)software for data recovery.It has two versions DOS mode and GUI( Graphic User Interface mode).Both are good, however here I have explained the DOS version of the software. I hope you find the video useful.

Important Steps to be taken care of :

1. Deleted drive or SD card should not be used for copying other
2. In case the data is lost, do not format the medium(Hard Disk or
SD card)
3. Download the software from the link below.
4. The software is an open source platform so do not have to
pay for it.


The recovery software supports NTFS/FAT16/FAT32/FAT12/exFAT/EXT/EXT2.

The following can be recovered from this software :

* Recover from Hard Drives(External and Internal)
* Recover from SD/Micro SD cards.
* Recover Documents/Pictures/Videos.

For more information, you can visit the website.
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